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Bubble Football
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Activity's description

Also known as a zorb, a thick, inflatable plastic bubble goes over your midsection, pinning your arms with that protective bubble, you and your stag party are off to play football.

Why settle for the ordinary on your Budapest stag weekend? Bubble ball is the newest wave of fun to catch the Bachelor party scene. Just picture it, your stag chasing the ball around the field, inevitably running into everyone, without any injuries. It’s a ridiculous, awkward, clumsy and hilarious way to play any kind of sports, and the experience is probably something new for every member of your stag party.

Crank up the fun and set the tone of your Budapest stag weekend with our Bubble Ball activity. You’d be nuts to not try it!

Looking to combine sportsmanship and goofy fun for your Budapest stag party? You're sure to find success with the Bubble Football activity, aka Zorb ball! Imagine chasing a football while your arms and torso are wrapped in a huge protective plastic bubble, that’s what Bubble Football is all about!

Create memories for your Budapest stag party with this awkward, clumsy and hilarious activity as you and your buddies slam into each other, roll across the field helplessly and bounce off each other’s Zorbs.

Best of all, Bubble Football is a new trend that has caught international attention. Chances are, most of your stag party members haven't played before, ensuring a level of excitement that is sure to create fabulous memories! Once you see it, you’d be nuts not try it with your crew on your Budapest stag weekend!

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