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Consider this your handy reference for all things Budapest!

With our Useful Information resource, your Budapest bachelor party will go without a hitch. A big weekend in a new city can be something of a logistical nightmare, particularly if you are in a big group. We are committed to ensuring the best time for all our clients, so we go out of our way to put you at ease. Need to know about clubs? You got it. Taxis? Coming right up. Price lists? Certainly. Take a look below and get clued up on life in Budapest before you and your stag party arrive.

National holidays

Hungary is a proud nation and just like every other country, Hungary has its own National Holidays as well on 15 March, 20 August and 23 October.

Perhaps the most important one is 20 August also known as Saint Stephen’s day, when hundreds of thousands of hungarians flood the streets of Budapest to witness the annual fireworks, which sort of turns the whole city into a huge festival. There’s plenty of afterparties so you can keep going all night.


Compared to neighbouring countries and cities like Praga, Vienna and Zagreb, Budapest is still quite affordable regarding accommodation, food, admission to museums and other sights.

Hotels in Budapest are particular bargains, with decent standard double rooms at mid-price and you won’t pay too much for food and drhinks as these are also quite cheap by European standards, especially the local food (which can be quite heavy) and items from street stands or fast food places.


Budapest offers a perfect nightlife for StagParties. Plenty of bars and clubs, opened usually from 10pm to 5am, with different atmospheres: all from underground, local or even English, but also posh or even fancy.  

In Budapest there is no specifical bar area, everything is quite spread out, but as a direction the pubs and bars are on the Pest side, the big clubs on the Buda side. For larger groups it is recommended to divide into smaller groups when getting in, since the bouncers can be slightly prejudiced that large groups cause more problem.


If you like nights out to be full of reverberating beats and high-voltage fun, you’re in luck here in Budapest as only few cities have a more diverse variety of clubs at your disposal.

Same as the bars/pubs, clubs are also pretty widely spread out in the city. Ranging from small niche venues to huge mainstream clubs in the heart of the city you’ll definitely find what suits your taste. Make sure to watch out for scams though.

Strip clubs

Strip clubs are a natural attachment to a Stag party and in Budapest there are many of them: plenty of dodgy and only a few safe, where you won’t get ripped off.  

A warning sign is when the stuff try to get you in to the club by accosting you on the street or a club without a wine list. A wellknown method is to get people into the club, let them have a couple of drinks, talk to some girls and on the outway charge a lot larger sum than what they actually have consumed. We only recommend you 100% safe and high-standard strip clubs.


There are many taxi companies in Budapest. The safest and cheapest is to always call one of the centrals and ask them to send you one (normally they speak English).  

But if you are too drunk, at least make sure you choose one with a company name and a phone number on the car, always ask about the approximate price before jumping in and then make sure the meter is on. One ride should never cost more than 5000 FT (15 GBP), in case they charge you more, for example 10.000 FT you are getting ripped off!