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Want to experience Budapest with the most beautiful ladies? Then choose our Beer and Boobs package!

Discover the trendiest, most fashionable strip clubs of Budapest with our pre-planned Beer and Boobs package. If your Bachelor party in Budapest requires the most beautiful tour guide and VIP access, then you should absolutely schedule this experience! Give your stag party the chance to experience what Hungary is most famous for, beautiful girls and an endless Bachelor nightlife adventure!


When you make it through the airport, a comfortable coach bus will be waiting to welcome to your bachelor party in Budapest…and aboard that bus will be your lovely female guide waiting to serve everyone a round of cold beers.

On your way to the hotel, a gorgeous stripper will put on a show for your entourage, and there’ll be another round of beers for everyone before you reach your accommodations.


Your sexy guide will take you out for an hours long circuit that will include two or three bars and pubs, VIP skip-line entry to one club and two complimentary rounds of beers for you and your guys.

Setting up good times for our visitors is what we’re all about, and your satisfaction is the sign that we’ve done our jobs well. What are you waiting for? Book your stag weekend in Budapest now! Let’s go!


Is there a better stag weekend in Budapest scenario than having a strip club to yourself? Just you and your group of guys? That’s what you get with this part of the package.

It's a posh, dream-come-true part of your stag 'do Budapest that will have all your buddies back home jealous. For a full two hours, the place is yours…with gorgeous strippers dancing only for you, and 50 percent all drinks.

Private rooms are also available for secret rendezvous!


Saddle up, get those legs working and get the beer-drinking muscles warmed up!

The beer bike’s motive power is supplied by you and your entourage, with a sober driver at the helm to guide you to some of the most breathtaking architecture, buildings, and features that Budapest has to offer. With 20 liters of beer for you and your crew, you get two hours on the beer bike and a full circuit that takes you back where you started.

At the end, your female guide will accompany you back to your hotel, or the local Budapest destination of your choice.


Ever heard of a zorb? A zorb is a big inflatable plastic sphere, with you in the middle of it. These goofy plastic bubbles are starting to catch on worldwide as a ridiculously fun sport. Now imagine being inside a zorb, with your arms immobilized and only your legs and head free as you and your guys try to play football (or soccer, as it’s known in America). The result is hilarity, as everyone falls over, legs flailing and rolls around uncontrollably rather than moving the ball downfield.

You’re all protected from injury, of course, by the thick plastic zorb…but nobody’s protected from laughs! There’s a sexy referee on hand to make the calls and, of course, a round or two of cold beers for everyone.


After all the fun’s over and it’s time to go back to the hotel (or move on to the evening’s partying, as the case may be), you’ll board a bus back to your accommodations or to a local destination of your choice.

On the luxury bus, you and your buddies will be treated to another couple of rounds of cold beers and a strip show from one of Hungary’s hottest females! It’s a great way to cap off a stag Budapest day of fun, or just a break in the action until the sun goes down – it’s up to you!

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