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The Hangover
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Longing for an experience that takes you back to the college party days? Let us show you everything that Budapest has to offer for your Bachelor weekend, with a few surprises along the way!

Kick off your stag weekend with the ultimate sexy entertainment - your own personal lesbian show inside of a Hummer Limo! Our local guides will keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning with incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Let Stagheaven take care of all the details; simply show up for your stag party in Budapest for the Hangover Package, and don't stop to think until you are on your way home!


It’s not just any limo that’s picking you up at the airport and taking you on your way to your bachelor party Budapest. The Hummer Daddy is a full 14 meters long, with room for 33 people, an openable roof for 12 people to get some air, a 13,000 watt stereo, LCD TV and DVD, leather interior, tinted windows, air conditioned climate control and much, much more.

As if that wasn’t enough…the Hummer Daddy is equipped with a strip pole and you and your entourage will be treated to a hot lesbian strip show. Along the way, your gorgeous female guide will make sure that you and the guys get hooked up with three bottles of champagne and a round of cold beers all the way around.

And that’s how you start a stag weekend Budapest package off right!


Get the best of both worlds with fine dining and fine-looking women. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to one of Budapest’s hottest, trendiest strip clubs for a great three-course dinner of traditional Hungarian cuisine, two rounds of beers for the guys and a shot of a Hungarian liquor.

It's a truly classy way to enjoy some great food in great company as part of your stag weekend in Budapest. After that, drinks are half-off…and when you’re finished with dinner, you’ll be treated to strippers performing nonstop on stage, private dances for the guys and a special surprise show for your guest of honor.


Your guide will take you out for a four-hour circuit that will include two or three bars and pubs, VIP skip-line entry to one club and two complimentary rounds of beers for you and your guys.

Don’t do things the hard way, enlist our party tour service and let us take care of the transport for you and the rest of your Stag party.


No stag weekend or bachelor party in Budapest is complete without a visit to a great strip club. We’ll take you to some of the best clubs in town. That means VIP treatment from the time you come in the door, with a table reserved in the VIP area and half-off drinks.

During your two-hour stay at the club, there will be a very special surprise show for your guest of honor…all arranged and escorted by one of our female guides to make sure that your strip club experience is not only unforgettable, but safe.

The strip clubs we work with are all high-class establishments, so all your stag party needs to worry about is having a good time.


Put on your helmet and goggles, get your gear, get gunned-up and get ready to go to war! First, your female guide picks you up at your accommodations and takes you to the venue. Then you’ll get a paintball weapon with 200 rounds and two to five hours’ worth of all-out battle.

The battlefield is your choice: either a misty castle in the woods or a dark, hazy cave full of labyrinths and secret passages. When the fighting is over, you’ll get a round of beers for everyone to cool down, followed by your guest of honor mud-wrestling two women (don’t tell him! Let it be a surprise!). Showers are available on site.

At the end of the activity, you’ll be transported back to your hotel or to the local destination of your choice.


Get your exercise and get those legs moving while you and your guys are knocking down 20 liters of beer! The beer bike is powered by you and your entourage, but it’s driven by a sober navigator who takes you to see some of the most spectacular buildings, architecture and street life that Budapest has to offer. At the end of the two-hour beer bike ride, you’ll come back to where you started and your female guide will go with you back to your hotel or a destination of your choice. On to the next stop for your bachelor party Budapest-style!


Budapest is known across Europe for its caverns, hot springs and thermal baths…and there’s a thermal bath experience waiting for you there too. A soak in the warm, welcoming waters is just the thing to restore your tired body and soul after your stag party in Budapest winds down. Along with the thermal baths, you’ll find outdoor and indoor pools, a sauna, massage salons, a bar and restaurant. Once you’re in the water, your guide will serve – you guessed it – a round of ice-cold beers for everyone. After three hours in the soothing, relaxing waters, bus transport will take you back to your hotel or to a destination of your choice.


You’ve got to go back to your hotel sometime, and a Hummer limo is a great way to get there at the end of the day’s fun...nothing like one of these rolling party palaces to set the mood, complete with built-in stripper pole! Your female guide will get everyone hooked up with a round of beers and three bottles of champagne…and your guest of honor will be surprised and ambushed by a roly-poly plus-sized stripper! Bigger is better, and there’s nothing like a big Hummer limo and a Rubenesque stripper to finish off the evening’s fun for your stag!

At all your destinations for this party tour package, you’ll get the full VIP treatment…it’s just one of the nice perks that we offer at StagHeavenBudapest. No reason to be shy – this is your time, it’s your party and it’s your night to howl!

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