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Military Budapest
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Package description

The Military Budapest package is designed to give stag party Budapest visitors a bit of a different perspective and a look into the past of the capital of Hungary. What are you waiting for? Book your stag party in Budapest today!


After making it through the airport, you’ll be picked up by a luxury bus and taken to your hotel, with a round of cold beers for everyone to start off your stag weekend in Budapest, and a show from a gorgeous Hungarian stripper on the way.

The man of the hour, on the other hand, will ride in a Trabant…the notorious East German car that has become a symbol of the failings of Communism. In the rickety Trabant, he’ll see Budapest’s sights such as Elisabeth Bridge, Parliament, Roosevelt Square, Chain Bridge, Castle Hill and more.


Get the true stag Budapest VIP treatment as you and your entourage are seated at a private VIP table! No stag weekend in Budapest is complete without a strip club, and you’ll get a free cab and free entry to one of the best (and safest) clubs in Budapest.

You’ll get a 50 percent discount on drinks and a special surprise show for the man of honor, then a free cab ride back to your hotel again. The VIP strip club fun lasts for two hours.


Even if you’re not into guns, there’s nothing like the thrill of squeezing off a bunch of rounds at a safe, controlled gun range. You’ll be guided by an English-speaking ex-police officer who’ll give you all the safety instruction you need, and then it’ll be time to start shooting!

You’ll have access to five different guns: a Ruger Mark IV, Glock 17, .357 Taurus revolver, Remington 870 tactical shotgun and full-auto AK47, with 41 bullets to squeeze off. Larger packages are available, with weapons that include the Vz Tactical SA 26, FN FAL and others.

Think about the clang of hot brass, the smell of gunpowder and the recoil of a weapon, all as part of your stag party in Budapest. On the way back to your hotel, your female guide will make sure everyone gets a round of cold beers to settle their nerves!


On the way back to the airport on a luxurious bus, everyone will get another round of cold beers…and as a special treat, a stripper dressed in Cold War-era uniform will perform a show for everyone on board! That way you won't feel deprived since you didn't get a strip show during your Trabant ride earlier.

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